Top 10 School Magic Superpower Romance Anime list

Top 10 School Magic Superpower Romance Anime list

Top 10 School Magic Superpower Romance Anime list

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Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de

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It is almost impossible to say that any one healthy food is better than another, but a combination of these top 10 superfoods will ensure that anyone can get the nutrition they need.

Leafy Greens. Take your cue from Popeye whose best-kept secret to incredible strength is spinach. We can’t all be super strong like he is, but we can still benefit greatly from the vitamins and minerals found in spinach and other green leafy vegetables.

Citrus Fruits. They are great sources of vitamin C, which is essential for a healthy body. Oranges, grapefruits, and a dozen other citrus fruits are vital, and delicious, additions to your diet.

Tomatoes. Whether it be tomato sauce on your pasta, sliced tomatoes in your sandwich, or grape tomatoes eaten by themselves as a snack, tomatoes are excellent sources of vitamins and lycopene, both essential to a healthy diet.

Avocados. Not many single foods can offer as much benefit as the avocado. From nutrients to fiber to 60% more potassium than a banana, the avocado has just about everything the body needs.

Brown rice. White rice is refined, a process that strips away a lot of its natural nutrients. Brown rice, however, is not sent through this process, so it retains all of the things that make it such a healthy food. This probably explains why it is a staple in countless cuisines around the world.

Salmon. Fish is a great source of protein, which is essential for every diet, healthy or not so healthy. Sidestepping the obvious environmental issues for a minute, farmed salmon tend to be high in fat and low in nutrition; however, fish in any form is still a great substitute for the protein found in red meat.

Milk. Most Americans don’t get enough calcium and milk is one of the best ways to get your daily dose. Low fat milk is a great way to start a day.

Sweet Potato. Another all-in-one super food, and a delicious one at that, is sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes have a little bit of everything, and they go great with almost any meal.

Water. Although many people may not think of it as a food, it comprises 60% of our body mass. It is more imperative than anything else that you get enough water in your diet.

Acai Berry. Last but definitely not least, acai berries are incredibly high in nutritional value and are used as a primary food source by the natives of Brazil. Unfortunately, they are all but impossible to find in fruit form in the United States, but acai berry supplements are a great way to still reap the benefits of this super food for those that can’t find them growing naturally in the backyard.

All of the foods on this list, when combined, will result in an incredibly healthy diet, which is the first step towards living a healthier lifestyle. Most of them can be found in your local grocery store. Acai berry supplements, however, might have to be purchased online. But this can be done easily and cheaply, and these supplements perfectly round out the list of the top 10 super foods.

Acai berry has certainly gained its place on the list of top 10 superfoods. Dr. Perricone, a New York Times best selling author, declared it his #1 superfood! Visit us to learn more about this wonderful berryand how it can help improve your health. We also give you recommendations of the best pure acai berry supplements in the market today.


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10 Most Shocking On Stage Moments

10 Most Shocking On Stage Moments

10 Celebs who went too far during their live music concerts.
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10 Most Embarrassing Snapchat FAILS Ever

10 Biggest Online Shopping Fails Pt. 4

When singers hit the stage, anything from a crazy fan to a wardrobe malfunction is possible. Yet, people are still amazed when their favorite stars do the unimaginable while under the spotlight. From a moment that sparked the invention of YouTube to a performance that started a twerking scandal, these are 10 of the most SHOCKING on stage moments!

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The world of fashion and glamour is bound to attract people irrespective of their nationalities, caste, creed or culture. News and gossip about famous Hollywood celebrities never fails to attract the interest of millions of online reader’s especially young adults and teenagers. It has been seen that people who coming under the age group of 15-30 years are mostly interested in reading about their favourite celebrities. Film stars and pop starts. These online users are pretty much interested in reading about the personal and public lives of personalities related or connected to the world of glamour, glitz and fame.

As discussed in the above paragraph, the reason for the popularity of these blogging communities and public forums is the keen interest of online users to subscribe to website which offer news and gossip about famous Hollywood celebrities. Now the author wishes to bring into light the various reasons for which millions of online users subscribe to these channels and source for latest news and gossip about famous Hollywood celebrities. Some of the reasons have been listed below by the author:

1. Youngsters across the globe often admire famous personalities from the film and fashion industry. Often their admiration reaches to the extent of them desiring to look just like their favourite film star or pop star.

2. Young adults and people moving in the society like to dress up like their favourite famous personalities so as to make a style, fashion statement similar to these Hollywood celebrities.

3. Dressing up or wearing celebrity inspired fashion has become a symbol of status. Therefore, people especially women across the world are interested in reading latest news and gossip about famous Hollywood celebrities.

4. Talking about women it has been seen that women of all ages are mostly interested in reading and knowing about the latest juicy gossips that are doing the rounds in the film and fashion industry. Just like they discuss the private and public lives of their fellow females they also like to discuss the lives of famous celebrities and personalities from the glamour world.

5. Getting to know about credible and effective celebrity secrets is also one of the reasons why online subscribers like to read and subscribe to these online blogging communities and public forums.

6. All these blogs and websites related to celebrity and luxury lifestyle provide the users and readers with credible and reliable information about their favourite stars and Hollywood celebrities.

By now the author has made it clear why millions of online users subscribe to these blogging communities and subscribers. It is clear now the almost every person using the internet people has interest in about knowing something new and interesting about his or her favourite star. It is quite true and a well known that be it any film industry, the news of any film star whether in Hollywood or Hollywood is equally fascinating to the common people.

Kelly is very experienced content writer. He has written many articles on Celebrity Inspired Fashion and News about Hollywood Celebrities.



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The Occupy Wall Street proponents are advising unhappy Americas to switch their banks. But don’t jump too quickly. Breaking up can be hard to do.

Since the call went out recently from people involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement and other efforts to rein in the country’s big banks, thousands have shifted their funds into alternative financial mangers, including credit unions, community banks, saving and loans and others. There is some indication that the big banks are paying attention to the unrest spreading through the country. Some have backed away from announced fee increases. Even so, the momentum for expressing disfavor with one’s bank by marching to another is under way. The date set by the Occupy group is Nov. 5, but don’t hurry just to meet that arbitrary date.

A spokesman for Institutional Risk Analytics reported that banks in more than 16,000 American zip codes — more than half of those in the country have been subject to recent online searches. That could be bad news for the largest banks, but is it enough to spur real changes in how they treat customers? Time will tell. As of 2009, four banks — Citigroup, JPMorganChase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo — held 39 percent of all deposits in FDIC-insured banks, according to Reuters. The options for getting out of one of those monsters into something more user-friendly are many. American Bankers Association reports more than 8,000 other banks and 7,600 federally insured credit unions to choose among.

But move cautiously. In 2008 the Federal Reserve published a study that indicated that trying to leave one bank and go to another may be a mere exercise in “switching costs.” The researchers found it was incredibly difficult for consumers to get reliable information about the costs charged by the new bank. They described a “bargains-then-rip-off strategy” in which the free toaster offered for enrolling is followed by an avalanche of previously unspecified fees. Often, the report says, the prospective bank will not even make information about fees available to new customers. The data is not listed on Web sites and comparison shopping is almost impossible. Some credit unions are providing “switch kits” to help in those considering a change, but in general the kits can do little more than identify differences in payments and deposits. In the end, switching banks means swimming through the red tape.

In some instances, credit unions charge fees that compare with those charged by the bigger banks. But they tend to have credit card rates that are lower — one full percentage point lower on average. Their car loans carry lower interest, but one-year CD rates and mortgage rates tend to be higher than at banks. Community banks tout community ownership as one of their pluses. A familiar face across the counter counts, they say.

Regardless of the direction your own study takes you, reduce the potential trauma of a switch by following these tips from Consumer Action:

Expect the switch to take some time. Initially, keep your original account open while setting up the new account, putting only as much into the new account as required to maintain it. If you have paperless banking, print or save statements and digital copies of canceled checks as PDFs or it may become difficult to access those documents after the fact. Order new checks (they’re cheaper from outside sources than through the bank itself) deposit slips and ATM cards from the new institution being aware they make take some time to arrive. Only when the new account is established should you transfer automatic or recurring payments from the old account. Don’t overlap. Be sure all outstanding items are cleared before closing the old account. Keep your user names and passwords on hand to smooth any sticky spots. Review several months of statements from the old bank to be be certain you haven’t missed anything such as utility or insurance payments that are authorized for automatic withdrawal bimonthly or quarterly. Be certain your old bank has your current contact information to facilitate any loose ends or slip-ups that occur in the transfer.

Order cheap checks online or business checks online and save yourself some money. Prices are up to 50% off regular bank prices. You have thousands of designs to choose from.


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Donald Trump Is The Hottest Brand On The Planet But Not In Home Business

Why I picked Donald Trump as an example is, that he has done an excellent job in brand building. Basically we all home business entrepreneurs can do the same for our brands in our businesses.

1.The Brand In Home Business Sells More.
It is clear that people want to buy repeatedly from a well known site, which they have good experiences of. A familiar brand is a safe and easy choice for most of us. It means lower risks and quaranteed customer experience. The question of repeat purchases is important. Strong brands have more loyal customers. They own a place in the thoughts of the customers.

People tend to ask for help from each other, when they are looking a place in the internet to buy something. It is easy to recommend a strong brand. Strong brand in home business means that the image, which the customer has, is of better quality and this means that the sites with strong image can sell with higher prices and people accept that and even wait for that. They see that then the quality/price ratio is in balance.

2. Build Home Business Brand With Trust!
One way to understand brand building is to see brands as human beings. In many respects they are much alike. Brand building is like building relationships between people. Think about that. How many aspects is included in those relationships.

And how many phases there is. Introduction, get to know better, small disappointments, love and hate, breaks in the relationship and so on. Over time people change, so do the brands. However there is one fundamental difference, brands never grow old. They can always be up dated, to look young and sexy all the time.

But back to the comparison. The most important issue in human relations is the trust between two people. Trust, what is it? It means that both parties have an understanding, why they like each other and as far as these issues are working well, there is no problem. But if another party feels that another one has broken one of these core trust issues, the trust starts to weaken. So it is very healthy to think often, what are the trust factors in my home business, those I have to keep.

You can build trust by giving, what you have promised. Do not overpromise and underdeliver. That means automatically disappointment, which people remember for a long time. A disappointed customer also talks to other customers in the market, for instance in forum posts, and the bad image starts to grow. If this happens, an entrepreneur must right away correct the situation.

It is easier to understand the brand and trust, when you look your business with the eyes of the customer. Be creative and imagine, what you wait from your regular internet supplier. What feelings you have, when you visit his site, what would you change or do better.

3.What Is The Brand Made Of?
The brand is the image, which your target audience has about your home business website.
It is a package, which includes visual and copy style, products for sale, service the webmaster offers, the ability of the site to renew itself and the competing sites, with which the customers compare your site. There are alot of elements, which you have to adjust all the time.

1.The Brand Must Be Active!
Yes, active. Customers have to recognise that your home business site follows the trends and has enough changes. Even surprises. My experience from advertising agencies show that people love new things and are eager to try them. A leading brand in home business must simply lead the development and try new things first. If they do not work saleswise, they do good for the brand anyway.

The home business brand is the image, your target audience has about your site. The better image vs. your competitor the better. Think your home business with the eyes of your customer. Then some day you can say like Donald Trump that my site is the hottest brand in home business planet!

Juhani Tontti gives you a lot of brand building tools and tips

Taking a look in the home business industry, the trump network MLM has generated quite a bit of hype around it, with many flocking to it. This trump network review takes a critical look at some of the facts surrounding the business and if all the attention is really warranted.

First of all, let me clarify one point. This trump network review is not from someone associated with the company, but an independent business builder taking an honest look at it.

Lets get into some actual facts about the trump network. Donald Trump did not form the company himself, but bought a failing MLM company and re-branded it with his own name and unique take on it.

OK, so lets look into the the specific MLM products the trump network promotes. While it is a new company under and new brand, the business has not changed their direction and still market nutrition and vitamin supplements. Specifically, they offer customized nutrition for each individual, based upon a patented test.

No trump network review would be complete without talking about their compensation plan. After looking at their website their payout plan looks pretty standard and in par with others in the MLM industry, with numerous bonuses based upon volume of sales and building a downline of distributors.

So what does this trump network review recommend and how does it evaluate the company? Really, overall it looks like a solid company with a good product, but I would caution people against jumping on the band wagon solely because of hype and a famous name attached to the product.

What matters most is not necessarily the company or product you are promoting, but what you actually do with it.

Educating yourself on how to market the trump network business or product is the single most important aspect of your business, despite what other reviews or the company might say.

In particular, marketing your trump network business online provides enormous leverage and allows you the best opportunity to grow your trump mlm business.

If you’d like to learn more about building your business on the internet, read below and click on the link for more information.

Read a more in depth Honest Trump Network Review and from a network MLM online MLM markter who has has done a completely independent Objective Trump Network Review


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10 Biggest Celebrity Snapchat FAILS

10 Biggest Celebrity Snapchat FAILS

10 Super embarrassing snaps of celebs. Lol! Like and share for more. Subscribe:
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10 Most Embarrassing Snapchat FAILS Ever

10 Types Of People You Can Find On Snapchat

Watching celebrities’ day-to-day lives has been made easier because of social media. It’s also made it easier for celebs to have an “oops” moment for everyone to see. This video has some of the world’s favorite celebs revealing way too much for the camera on snapchat, or shows them trying to get away with too much, and being caught on camera. Everyone from singer Usher, to the actual Snapchat platform its self can’t help but to have a snapchat fail.

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Changing your hair color has become as routine as changing your socks these days. Every so often, everyone wonders what it would be like to have a completely different hair color than the one they are wearing. Blonde or Brunette? Redhead or Blonde? There are certain rules and regulations that you should follow to predict if a hair color will look good on you or not.

To decide if you would look brilliantly beautiful as a brunette, take some things into consideration, and ask yourself a couple of questions before you buy any hair color. The first question with the most obvious answer is whether or not you are a natural brunette or if the color you have now is brunette. This is easy because many people who are brunettes have brown hair that is flat in highlights, dull, or mousy. If this is the case, a new, vamped up shade of brown could liven not only your hair but your spirits as well. Another issue to consider is whether or not your hair is currently damaged and broken or not. A brunette shade will benefit you if this is the case, because dark shades hide damage and broken ends the best, and light reflects off of dark hair more than blonde or red hair.

Many people, at one point or another, wonder what it would be like to be a blonde. Not sure how you would look with the light side of hair color? Think about some things before you go and buy your boxes of platinum blond hair color. You should first ask yourself if you had blond in your hair at all as a child. If you did, chances are good that you have the right skintone to pull of blonde as an adult. Probably the biggest consideration when it comes to blond hair is if you are up for a high maintenance color. Going from red or brown to blond is expensive. Everything from preventing to repairing damage done by the hair color to keeping your darker roots disguised, to all other maintenance involved. Sure, it is known that guys are very attracted to blonds, but if the hassle isnt going to be worth the prize for you, consider a different hair color switch.

Finally we come to the redheads. Red is the hot hair color for 2008, in all of its beautiful shades. If your skin tone is somewhat pink, you may be a good candidate for red hair, even lighter red hair. Many blonds opt for red hair as a nice change for a while at some point in their lives; it is not as drastic of a change as going from blond to dark brunette, and depending on the shade of red, can still be classified as light hair for the people with light, fair complexions.

No matter what your hair color is now, or what hair color you may be thinking of trying as something new, always take into consideration the key points listed above. Of course, when all else fails, if you make a bad decision, you can always buy more hair color to correct your mistake, but this can be costly and excruciatingly damaging to your hair, so be careful, consult your local salon stylist for professional advice, and of course have fun changing your hair color.

To know more about hair color please visit our website.


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How To Find Real Estate Deals If Your Name Isn’t Donald Trump

I was flipping through the channels recently when some guy on the screen with beady eyes and a bad wig stopped me from thumbing the remote.

“There are tremendous opportunities in real estate,” the man on the TV said with conviction. “This is the time people should be going out, not buying, but negotiating to buy. This is the time that people should be going out and making unbelievable deals in real estate.”

The real estate mogul, Donald Trump, was being interviewed by Larry King in the midst of the economic depression of 2008-09. He talked about the high numbers of foreclosures in the country and how banks will be happy to give properties away for a fraction of the price.

“Everybody should call up the bank and negotiate,” Trump said.

While that’s true, now is the time to find good deals on real estate, the way he said it sounded too easy. For Trump it probably is. He has money stuffed away in who-knows-how-many corners where he can pull from to buy probably any foreclosure out there. But the rest of the country might not be so wealthy. The rest of the country might be unemployed, barely surviving from paycheck to paycheck, and struggling just to keep afloat. Much of the country may not be able to qualify for a loan, much less have the confidence to go to the bank and negotiate with pockets stuffed with dollar bills.

So, for those of us who do not have the beaucoup bucks like Donald Trump, how do we find good real estate deals? How do we go about buying a house?

First of all, real estate changes all the time. Getting a good deal sometimes takes good timing for the best interest rates and home prices. But, wherever you are, you can find a good deal somewhere.

First of all, you will need some cash to qualify for a loan. You don’t need to be rich, but you need to have steady income. A few years ago it was much easier to get a home loan. Now, lenders want to make sure you have enough income and enough money to not only pay your house payment, but also to survive.

Most people forget about closing costs, taxes, mortgage insurance, and HOA fees when buying a house. Most loans require something around a 3 to 3.5 percent down payment. On a $ 200,000 home, that means you’ll likely need to come up with something around $ 10-12,000 at closing. If you don’t have that amount of money, then you will have to negotiate to have the seller pay the closing costs of around $ 4,000. You should get that all ironed out before you even start looking for a home. However, there are some incentives out there that may apply to your area. Check with a qualified loan officer to find incentives that can make it easier to move in to a home.

So, now that you have the initial money situation taken care of, you want to get preapproved. Visit with a loan officer to receive a preapproval letter. Once you have that letter, you will have stronger bargaining power. Sellers are wary of buyers that won’t qualify for a loan. If you have a preapproval letter, that will give you a stronger bargaining chip, because sellers will know that your offer will likely stand.

Bjorn Bringhorman is an author who specializes in real estate tips

Is the Indian IT Industry heading to a Slow Death?

“Gloom in India’s IT sector”

“If you are in your 30’s and in IT, you might loose your job”

“Disappointed earnings stock falls”

“Strong Rupee causing loss in revenue”

“Tighter H1B rules for cheap Indian IT workers”

“Indian IT is Dead!”

The above news articles have made headlines in the leading dailies and have for sure caused unrest amongst the Industry.

Before we take a sneak peak in to the future of this Industry, lets try to go back to the initial days to the plantation of the seed known as IT in India. Also the readers, the authors of the articles and the people working in the Industry should know how it all started.

History of IT in India (reference – Accidental India by Shankar Aiyar)

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), was setup in 1968, initially as the Tata Compute Center to provide services to group companies which later got into exporting software. Patni computers was also an early entrant where Late Narendra Kumar Patni, started experimenting with the offshore model in 1972. Now as majority of us where not born at that time, the economical and political scenario of India was very different from what we have right now. India did not have the best of relationships with the US, and was considered closer to USSR (Russia of today). The economy was very restricted and there existed a concept of License Raj. If entrepreneurship is considered a risky proposition in today’s time, just imagine how difficult would it have been for Infosys, TCS, Patni, NIIT. Just for the sake of enlightenment: –

You needed clearance (a five step process) to purchase a computer from the government, which could take 12-18 months, usually by the time the clearance came, the machines were outdated.

In 1983 a 64kbps-leased line would cost Rs. 45 lakh.

In the eighties, 5 out of every 1000 persons had a phone.

The ridiculously high taxes and customs (you had to give 200% of the cost of the machine over 5 years)

You could not open an office abroad

Consultants could not be hired

The exporters had to first bring dollars in India and then from that they could use 50% for travel and maintenance expenses from overseas travels, also a detailed itinerary had to be submitted to RBI

So from a reality check standpoint, the odds were against these few individuals. Poor infrastructure and red-tapism, kept us from becoming the hardware giants like South Korea and Taiwan.

Also a very important point to note was that these companies did face a lot of criticism then as well for the arbitrage based profits but the scarcity of resources, computers, lease and imports meant that doing business “on site” made more sense.

With the opening of the Indian Economy and some aggressive steps by the government, the ball finally started rolling.

From 71 crores worth of software exports in 1987 to more than 100 billion dollar industry (2016/2017), it has come a very long way.

Every year the industry hires thousands of fresh engineers and makes them go through rigorous training to make them competitive at the international level. The workforce is about 10 million in India growing at about 7-8% (FY 2017).

Relationships with the US

It all started with Indira Gandhi and Ronald Reagan’s meeting in Mexico in 1981. At that point in time, India was thought of as the Soviet Stooge in front of the US. Despite the fact that US supported Pakistan and intimidated India in 1971 by sending aircraft carriers, cut off fuel supplies to the Tarapur nuclear plant in 1978 and the shit to mouth food grain policy in 1967, Indira Gandhi had a larger goal in mind. She know that it was in the countries interest as well as the fact that there existed a healthy Indian diaspora in the US. Rajeev Gandhi continued the relationship with Reagan and both nations prospered.

The H-1B Visa, was created in 1990 by the signing of the Immigration Reform act of 1990 by President George H.W. Bush, it became important for the IT companies around 1999-2000. Suitable growth environments where every company was moving towards technology and systems, these companies became behemoths in the next few years.

In comes Donald Trump

With Donald Trump and his administration taking a hard stand on the issuance of H-1B and the companies pretending to the impartial spectators (a concept coined by Adam Smith), the possibility that getting rid of Indian programmers on an H-1B and replacing them with American workers of working having double the salary is right now on the lines of lineocentrism (a concept beautifully discussed by Jordan Ellenberg in his book – How not to be wrong), where statements like 26 people killed in a series of attacks in Israel is equivalent to on a proportional basis of 1200 American deaths make sense.

The Trump Effect is scaring International Students off

Sadly these aren’t just wild opinions that flooded your Television set when Trump came to power, these claims very well have changed themselves to facts, according to a survey to which 76% foreign institutes responded, 40% of them reported a critical decline in the International Student Applications. For the first time especially in USA and Singapore a significant dip was reported in the Student Visa application, this trend has been reported for the first time in 15 years. Meanwhile countries like Canada are still exhibiting a healthy Visa Application rate.

Getting the MOJO back

H-1B issues, Brexits, Australia 457 or an overall sluggish economy, these companies need to introspect and try to remember their forgotten roots. From fighting license raj to the never ending wait for a new outdated computer, they have been through far worse conditions. Whatever has to happen it has to be swift and for that purpose going lean is inevitable. The pressure is back and historically its when we start firing all cylinders.


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Best Free Guides of iPhone Apps Trending Searches for Your Mobile Device

Medical care insurance investments is surely an enjoyable likelihood to get people. This enables quite a lot of deal with within the enterprise. In fact it is a new rather safe and sound expenditure. Health reform can be a required program in the united states, and also around substantial need. People be able to have got one on one declare app store seo in relation to the majority of the troubles struggling with medical care insurance providers. That will occur since hardly surprising. Using Amazon, for example, raking inside about $ 1bn at any time several in order to 5 days and nights the item dwarfs stores such as globe’s greatest on the net trend shop, Asos, which usually mastered to make cash with about $ 1bn yet merely inside twelve months.

Having said that, Asos once more subsequently dwarfs alternative trend stores on the net. Even so an individual dice as well as piece the slide images, the majority of on the net stores aren’t profiting; they’re merely making minor quantities with buy and sell balanced with this leaders with on the net buying. Insurance firms top iphone trending searches developed his or her pay out framework for you to companies as a result managing his or her expenditures. Additionally they deal with what exactly expert services can be found for you to customers. #@*lid3@!4@$ 23vdylmh@#gyili The following deal with is a superb utility into the individual as it could instantly have an effect on the particular being successful on the insurer.For just one idea, this analyze possesses determined that app store keyword ranking almost all with on the net purchasers merely purchase via less than 5 internet sites.

Depending on specialists, you would possibly in the process holiday resort towards the The search engines Key phrase Adviser program as a way to discover the proper search phrases for being optimized with the accomplishment of this iphone app, but it surely iphone trending searches promotion continues to thought to be very extensive for being handy. Consequently, as a way to small right down to extra research unique wordpress always be willing to check out which in turn search phrases the opposite topic wordpress will be carrying out. In truth, 46% from the fifteen, 000 persons inside analyze merely purchase during you on the net store. To paraphrase, this large amount with on the net acquisitions are focused towards a few major merchants. Depending on moz. com, there are some wordpress which may have actually viewed greater than 300% maximize throughout downloads with the aid of right key phrase optimisation.

Article from:


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ACN review

ACN is an international telecommunications business which markets its goods and services through independent representatives, in other words,Multi level Marketing.
ACN is a corporation with a lot of momentum. It has a multi year endorsement from Billionaire Donald Trump and Just last season ACN’s video phone was featured by Trump on his Celebrity Apprentice program. I’d say that’s a decent bit of marketing power.

ACN is now the largest direct selling telecommunications company in the world.
Besides the Videophone, they also market cell phone services, local and long distance, internet, satellite TV, and ADT home security systems.

These products and services have some advantages over a lot of network marketing companies which sell consumables. The most obvious of which should be that the commissions are paid on contracts for these services which typically last 2 years or more. There is no need to keep checking back with customers to see if they want to re-order product. They are going to keep paying those bills every month and the representative is going to keep getting paid month after month.

Without going into a lot of detail, I will say that their payment plan that is certainly superior to most Mlm companies. Commissions are paid throughseven levels until one achieves the Regional Vice President level at which point one can earn income through every level. As it is with every Network Marketing company,a serious, life-changing imcome can really only be achieved by creating a huge sales organization or down line.

Well, what are the negatives about ACN? I would say that there are none that are not typical with any Network Marketing company. ACN certainly has its system that it wants its representatives to follow religiously. This system includes doing several “Private Business Receptions” (home demonstrations), being present at regular hotel meetings, going to weekly training sessions, attending quarterly national training events, purchasing sales literature on auto ship.

Their system does work. It can work for people who have the ability to stick with the program and not get discouraged and quit. This can be said for most Mlm companies. Unfortunately there is still a very large attrition rate even in ACN.

ACN likes to encourage its reps to use its system and its system is definitely “old school.”

I think you will find a couple of problems with this program:

1. A high frustration level is likely because of the slow pace at which you will probably be developing your business.

2. Their system will own your life. Some have suggested that ACN can be done a s part time business–I don’t think so! Either you have to put your whole life into this business or don’t plan on being successful. The number of meetings you are going to have to attend to make the business work is going to be more than full time. This is more than a little ironic since one of the big selling points of ACN and for that matter any mlm company, is that time and financial freedom are going to be yours if you join. Plan on working ALOT of hours until your organization gets to be substancial.

So what’s my real opinion of ACN? It really is a great company with a great compensation plan.

Do I think you should sign up? Well…actually I did (and I still am a rep). I just wouldn’t go with their system to build your business.

So what system would you use? Funny you should ask.

Use an online marketing system. You can leverage your time and effort and get your business in front of a lot more people than you can by doing home meetings. You also should use a concept called Attraction Marketing, in which you do things to make people contact you about your expertise in the business rather than tracking down prospects and trying to convince them that they should join your business.

There is an excelent resource online where you can learn more about how to apply Attraction Marketing to your ACN business
and you can also sign up to work with the master of Attraction Marketing Roger Priore.
There you will also learn how you can get a completely customizable and fully branded marketing system which teaches affiliate marketing combined with network marketing that will explode your ACN Business

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* Pick a sport or an activity you enjoy. While many people ask which is the best activity to stay fit or to lose weight, I always suggest finding the activity you like because it is easier to stay committed.
* Cross train. It helps alleviate boredom by switching it up while working a larger variety of muscles.
* Exercise moderately. By not over-doing it, you will avoid burn out. If you are training for an event, increase effort in the days leading up to the race, but afterwards return to moderation.
* Have a goal. Whatever the goal, event or milestone, it will help keep you focused and committed.
* Avoid injury. Preventative measures include: checking in with a doctor from time to time, stretching, avoiding weight gain, eating healthy, etc.
* Keep at it. This is the key. There are plenty of days I just don’t feel up to exercising or am just too tired. It is important to do something anyway on those days.
* Take pride in the effort. Feel good about achieving your goals and putting forth the effort.

Elie Hirschfeld launched, a website intended to foster athletic development that currently features triathlon training advice ranging from nutrition to endurance building. In addition, the site includes news stories from Hirschfeld’s recent races to serve as motivation for like-minded sports enthusiasts. Visitors to the site can engage Hirschfeld via email with questions and receive support to help them achieve their sports and fitness goals.

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Elie Hirschfeld

President and CEO of Hirschfeld Properties since 1997, Elie Hirschfeld has dedicated his professional life to real estate development planning and implementation. Since joining the company in 1976, Mr. Hirschfeld’s projects have included the development of prominent New York City properties such as the Grand Sutton, the Hotel Pennsylvania, the Crowne Plaza Hotel, and Park Avenue Court.

Mr. Hirschfeld is responsible for guiding the strategic direction of the company and leading all aspects of development including new project analysis, lease marketing and negotiation, legal strategies, and architectural and construction management. Elie Hirschfeld directed Hirschfeld Properties, LLC into partnerships with other distinguished real estate development firms such as the Zeckendorf Organization, the Donald Trump Organization, The Silverstein Organization, Empire Realty Group, Belz Enterprises of Memphis and the shopping mall development group, The Mel Simon Organization.

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Maldives Will Yameen re-position himself in 2017


Maldives: Will Yameen re-position himself in 2017?

Swearing-in ceremony of President Nasheed in 2013

Source: Alchetron

Under the circumstances, it’s inevitable that Yameen would not trust anyone likely to replace him through a ‘constitutional coup’, as Nasheed had described the Waheed succession. Independent of criminal conspiracy cases and a bomb-blast on the presidential boat, Yameen got two of his own vice-presidents impeached by Parliament, the first one with the blessings of sworn-rival MDP and President Nasheed.

It had begun almost from the day Yameen became President. He could not thank the billionaire-business man and Jumhooree Party (JP) founder, Gasim Ibrahim, for backing him in the second, run-off round polling for the presidency in 2013 against Nasheed – and transferring almost entirely the former’s 25 per cent vote-share. But he would not let Gasim, with his own political ambitions, poll-plank and ‘transferrable’ vote-base, to become the Speaker of Parliament.

Read | Court giving PPM to Yameen, Gayoom’s options narrow down

Under the 2008 Constitution, should the posts of President and Vice-President fall vacant, the Speaker would be the next in line to fill in the vacant. Unlike the Vice-President, who would get the reminder of the outgoing President’s five-year term, the Speaker could be in the President’s shoes only for 60 days, when his sole job was to fill in the vacuum for 60 days, for fresh polls to be held and a successor to assume office.

Yameen would not trust Gasim even with that remotest possibility, as things stood when he assumed office. Naturally so, Gasim would be his first target to be squared-up over huge credits that the former’s Villa Group owed State entities, before he would turn greater attention on the likes of Nasheed and Gayoom. It’s possibly in this process that he could not but target his own vice-presidential choices, two in a row.

In a way, Yameen’s threat to Gayoom – or, was it meant to be seen the other way round – also owed from the possibilities of the latter’s family turning against him ahead of Elections-2018. The ‘Maumoon rebellion’, if the Gayooms’ threat to Yameen could be termed so, owed mostly to purported understanding over the former President backing his half-brother whole-heartedly in 2013, with the promise/expectation that he would not run a second term, and would back a Gayoom son, instead, for the nation’s top-most position.

It was possibly the case with the Nasheed camp, but independent of any Yameen threat or initiative. Not long after the 2013 presidential polls, the Nasheed camp within the MDP had begun talking in low voices about his concern and consequent plans for the future. Accordingly, in any future election, Nasheed would campaign to amend the Constitution, to have a Westminster-type democracy, with Parliament and the Prime Minister at the Centre, and away from the existing presidential form on American lines.

The implication was that Nasheed would become the Head of State without Executive powers and would promote younger elements to prime ministerial and ministerial positions, for them to mature in office so as to shoulder greater national and political responsibilities in future. Noble thoughts, yes, but Nasheed’s approach did not measure up to the promises, as was expected of him.

It was thus that December 2014 witnessed Nasheed and the MDP making a sudden push for Yameen to hand over power to Gasim, who was neither the Vice-President, nor the Speaker, not even an ally of them. Instead, Gasim, despite licking his wounds from the Speaker’s polls that he had lost, was an ally of Yameen and the undivided ruling PPM.

Gayoom himself repeated the same folly when he called on Gasim (obviously with appointment) and appeared together before the local media after parting company with Yameen during the year. That was enough to embarrass and harass Gasim, who once again did a U-turn towards the Yameen side, just as he had done vis a vis the MDP following the State’s demand for $ 90 million in unpaid dues — a lot of money, especially in Maldivian economic context.

Maldives-2016 once again reiterated even in its very own context the limitation of international diplomacy and big-power politics to control and conduct events and developments in smaller/tiny nations than had been possible in an earlier era. The Commonwealth, for instance, and the US albeit indirectly in context, could not do much through threats of sanctions and all, to make the Yameen leadership fall in line.

It would have been the same case had there been anyone else in his place in similar circumstances. It was thus left to neighbours like India and Sri Lanka – the latter at a more personal level – to negotiate Nasheed’s ‘prison leave’ for spinal treatment in the UK. The latter did not acquit himself well in the early weeks of his stay overseas, by making political statements and meeting with the political class.

In a way, Nasheed’s going against the court-granted ‘medical leave’ and also the later-day political asylum that he obtained from the British hosts would have suited Yameen well. By jumping the court orders to return after medical treatment, he has brought upon himself another criminal case, whose political consequences could be worse than the legal one. Whether they succeed in their mission, his detractors could well tell the Maldivian voters that such a man who defied court orders and the Constitution should not be trusted with the nation’s presidency.

On the one hand, Yameen also has had his biggest electoral challenger of 2018 out of the way, what with Nasheed having defied Maldivian court orders in over-staying his ‘medical leave’ and refusing to return, and serve much of the 13-year prison term in the ‘Judge Abdulla abduction case’. On the other, Nasheed’s anticipated refusal clearly put India and Sri Lanka on the defensive vis a vis the Yameen leadership.

The Commonwealth too got it wrong. If they thought that the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group’s (CMAG) ‘threats’ to penalise Maldives for non-compliance of commitments made on the democracy front, with particular reference to ‘political prisoners’ and ‘judicial processes’ (read: viz Nasheed in particular), for the medium term, Yameen has thumbed his nose at them by quitting the organisation outright.

Now, Commonwealth has nothing on the CMAG Agenda for their meeting in the early weeks of the New Year, when they were either to verify compliance, or initiate penal measures, whatever it could have been. Instead, there is a stronger message that ‘lesser mortals’ in the global polity have a better way of expressing themselves and strongly than had been credited with in the past.

Yet, the question remains what the future holds for Yameen and Maldives, not necessarily in that order. Post-Brexit, the UK and post-polls, the upcoming Donald Trump presidency in the US would take time to settle down to usual business, especially on foreign policy front involving tiny nations caught in their domestic politics than with the ‘China’ bogey. They may not have as much time for Maldives as the Nasheed camp, among others, might have hoped for. At least, it may not happen in the immediate.

Yet, Maldivian people remain the final arbiter of politics and presidency in the country. There is nothing to indicate that Yameen would consider putting off the presidential polls of 2018 one way or the other – and the ‘constitutional’ way. The greater chances are that he would see greater legitimisation of his regime for a longer period than the other way round – but then the political processes available to Gayoom in the form of a ‘Parliament-nominated, one-candidate’ polls are all in the past.

It’s still advantage Yameen, as no viable opponent capable of winning over the masses against an incumbent President with additional salvos for the political opponent is yet visible. Nasheed is out of the country, and thus out of the reckoning. His inherent suspicions about his own ‘trusted’ second-line got a boost with the ‘Waheed episode’ even as he refuses to reconcile his own contributions to creating enemies of friends and allies.

Gayoom and Gasim cannot contest owing to an MDP-backed constitutional amendment, barring persons above 65 years from contesting the presidency and vice-presidency. Minus Gayoom, there is no other person in his camp just now who can throw up a bigger challenge to Yameen to make the average Maldivian trust the opposition to an incumbent more than in 2008, to campaign openly and vote overly against him.

Neither can the Yameen leadership forget the way Gayoom lost the 2008 polls to a combination of factors – and a combination of Opposition candidates, who were ‘divided when it suited’ Gayoom, and ‘united when it suited’ them. The two-stage presidential polls, with a minimum 50-per cent vote-share for the victor, has been tested in the country both in 2008 and 2013, when the seeming victor from the first round was not the winner in the second.

Gayoom and Nasheed, instead, lost at the end of the second, run-off round, with no candidate having crossed the 50-per cent mark in the first. By hoping to impress the new-generation voter through development of the China-funded kind, and distancing himself from the ‘democratic processes’ of the 2008 variety, Yameen may have re-positioned himself, the voters and Maldives as a whole, between now and Elections 2018. The results would show which way would the nation sail from there, choosing one over the other or an admixture of both, which is what it should be.

This commentary was published in South Asia Monitor.

The views expressed above belong to the author(s).

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President Trump speaks after House passes GOP health care bill


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Kim Kardashian Breaks Down On Ellen & Says Robbery CHANGED Her Life

Kim Kardashian Breaks Down On Ellen & Says Robbery CHANGED Her Life

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More Celebrity News ►►

We’ve all heard the saying ‘everything happens for a reason’ and now it seems as though this mantra that was once your phone wallpaper is now Kim’s saving grace.

If there’s anyone to put your full trust into for your first-ever TV interview post-trauma, let it be Ellen Degeneres. Kim Kardashian sent viewers on quite the emotional roller coaster after appearing on Ellen yesterday to recall the terrifying events that occurred during her Paris robbery, and how she’s been coping with it all 6 months later. Although she wishes that trauma upon nobody, Kim started off by admitting that she believes everything was meant to happen to her and that the events, in turn, made her a better person.

Ellen then asked Kim to describe what she felt during the events, when Kim revealed some new information. After meeting with her attorneys and knowing the information she knows now, it has been confirmed that the robbers have been following her for two years, listening to interviews, investigating her socials, and waiting for the right moment.

However, Kim did say that the incident probably won’t keep her from wearing jewelry, but instead, she’ll be much more aware, saying QUOTE, “I don’t know if I’d ever wear real jewelry again. My whole life as changed as far as how I travel and security. I never thought that I needed security staying outside my door, even though I had a lot of jewelry. If you think about it, yeah, I should have had a security guard outside my door 24/7 when I’m traveling and I didn’t. Now, I have several, just for me to be able to sleep at night.”

Thankfully, the reality star has since been able to move forward from the incident, saying, “It was a good seven or eight minutes of torture, but when I look back and I analyze it, I’m like, ‘OK, they weren’t aggressive.’ It could have been way worse, so I don’t want to sound like I’m not grateful. I’m out, I’m home, I’m safe, I’m such a better person—it’s OK. Let’s move on.”

And moving on we shall do – but one family member who hasn’t quite moved on from past family issues seems to be Caitlyn Jenner, whom Kim also talked about as being unfair and untruthful toward Kris Jenner during her Dianne Sawyer interview as well as her new book.

Kim also goes on to say that although Kendall and Kylie are still close to Cait, her heart breaks for Kris Jenner because Caitlyn isn’t being honest about things regarding her marriage to Kris. She said QUOTE, “I feel like it’s taken her a really long time to be honest with herself. I don’t expect her to be honest about my mom now, but it’s just so hurtful. Like, I just wish her all the success in the world, but not at our expense.”
Well amen to that and here’s to hoping the Kardashian-Jenners find peace once again, but right now I want to know all your thoughts on Kim’s emotional interview with Ellen, so get to talking right down here in the comments, and as always, be sure to subscribe. Thanks for checking in with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Tom Plumley and I’ll see you next time.

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I just received the email below from a subscriber. I changed the names to protect the guilty. Read every word of the email and every word of my reply. It’s critical to your business survival:

Hello Paul,

I desperately need your advice on a problem my friend has. My friend James owns a music store and has been doing well until his main rival has been able to secure a direct link to the main newspaper in the region. They have a member of staff who is engaged to the top journalist of the music section for the paper.

Therefore they have been able to have huge write ups for the last few weeks, 1/2 page articles all for no cost to the store. Sales have dropped considerably from James’s store and as both stores deal in collectable and retro vinyl etc, the amount of second hand stock from people selling is all but stopped coming in for James whereas the other store has been getting huge amounts due to the overwhelming publicity they are getting.

We would be so grateful for some ideas or advice you may be able to give. James has quite many of your books but he seems to have all but given up – he says that he can’t continue to fight when they have that sort of power – meaning free publicity, and lots of it. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for taking the time to read my email.

Kind regards,

Caroline Dayner

Now for my reply – and it’s not going to be pretty. So if you’re hoping for a “let’s all hug, cry and be best friends” solution, you’d better stop reading.

But if you want the hard truth without the frosting on it, if you want the information you need to survive, focus in and keep reading.

For YEARS (yes, years) I’ve been telling people all around the world of the critical importance to learn and use publicity.

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Some people paid attention, learned how to get and use publicity and are now sitting pretty.

A larger number, though, did not.

And now, the precise situation I’ve been predicting and warning you about is here.

Let me summarize the message I’ve been pounding out for years:

Whoever has the attention of the media wins – period!

I don’t care how small you and your business are and how big your competitors are – if you know how to attract the attention of the media and get free publicity, you win.

I don’t care how big you are and how small your competitors are – if they know how to attract the attention of the media and get free publicity, YOU LOSE!

Let me give you the examples I give the audiences at the seminars I speak at:

Who do you think would draw a bigger crowd – all of the living Nobel Prize winners gathered together in one room or?

Kim Kardashian?

Who do you think would draw a larger crowd – the entire United States Supreme Court or

Lindsay Lohan?

Get my point?

Regardless of what you think about Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan they have done two things right – the two things I’ve been preaching to you about.

1)they’ve learned how to attract the attention of the media and 2) they’ve made themselves celebrities

Everyone reading this can do both of those things. You can learn how to get the attention of the media and you can make yourself a celebrity. You can be a celebrity insurance agent, a celebrity grocer, a celebrity auto mechanic, a celebrity dentist.

It makes absolutely no difference what business or profession you’re in –

you can make yourself a celebrity. And it’s not difficult at all.

But I’ve told you how to do this many, many times in my writings.

In the situation with James and his music store, he has done neither. What’s even more frustrating is that James’ friend says that he has my publicity materials right there in front of him!

Apparently he’s using the manuals to keep the door of his shop open instead of learning my system. If he was using the manuals to learn my system, he would know exactly what to do, he would be doing it and he would be seeing success. Instead, he’s in a panic.

James, (and everyone reading this) there is no magic pill. If you had used my materials to learn how to get publicity, I don’t expect you’d be in this situation.

Is it too late? Maybe not. But your friend says you’ve given up. If that’s true, close up shop and go look for a job.

James, based on what your friend has told me, I have no sympathy for you. You had (and still have) all the tools you need right in front of you.

Have you learned my system and followed my formula? Have you taken part in the free coaching calls? Have you asked questions on the coaching calls?

For whatever reason, it appears that you haven’t. So I will do nothing more to help. I’ve done enough by producing the materials to teach you how to attract the attention of the media. You have to take it from there.

Many times in recent weeks I’ve told you that, in my opinion, things are going to get a lot worse around the world before we see some improvement.

Most people are in a panic about that.

Not me. Not other people who’ve taken the right steps to be prepared for

what was obviously coming. People who are prepared know that this is going to be one of the greatest opportunities of our lives. We’re ready to take advantage of it.

So, to James and everyone else in his situation – it’s never too late. You may have missed a lot of opportunity that passed you by because you didn’t take action – but there’s always more coming your way every single day. But you’re the one who has to take action. You’re the one who has to learn the strategies that will make you successful. You’re the one who has to write the press releases and get them out.

For years I’ve been giving my subscribers case studies of people who’ve put my publicity system into action and have had great success. They had great success because they found the right information and put it into action.

Next month I’m interviewing Dan Page during my monthly coaching call. He’s one of my publicity members and subscribers. I love this guy! He takes action. He tries, he fails, he succeeds, but he doesn’t give up. As a result, he’s had tremendous success.

Wait until you hear his story. It’s great.

Every once in a while I get emails from subscribers who think I’m too tough on people.

Too bad! Unsubscribe from my ezine and subscribe to another ezine where they feel your pain, buy your excuses and agree with your thoughts that the world isn’t fair.

The people who put their arms around you and tell you that you’re right, the world isn’t fair and your excuses for not succeeding are perfectly valid are not your friends. They’re your enemies. They’re your enablers. They are the very people holding you back.

I surround myself with successful people. Not one of those people ever talks about why the world isn’t fair, why they have valid excuses for not being successful or why only the rich get richer.

The rich get richer because they’re willing to do what it takes to get richer. The rich get richer because they give back. The rich get richer because they focus, then they try, then they try again and again and again.

I can’t count how many times I’ve told you that one of the things that drives me the most is doing whatever I can to help the greatest number of people succeed. But that does not include doing the work for them.

I’ll point the way, but you have to make the journey. If you’re willing to do your part, I’ll do mine.

Paul Hartunian is respected around the world as a leading expert on how business owners can get publicity both online and offline. His website – – is a resource center for reliable publicity advice.


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History of Hollywood 03/11

History of Hollywood 03/11

Excellent Documentary about Hollywood, the big studios and the American Dream…

Hollywood, the home of the North American film industry, has been the owner of white cyclorama backgrounds in film productions. Some of the best Hollywood productions were made using this technology, thus making Hollywood the forerunner of bringing white CYC technology to the main line world.

A white cyclorama background is a curved, continual wall that is placed as a setting to a scene or photograph to give the semblance of an unending void. Once the cyc is prepared an actor stands in front of the cyc, creating the illusion of a person standing in a white void ; no one will be in a position to tell there is an actual wall by taking a look at the photo. After this, the photograph or footage can then be edited, and the background given another life. For instance, an editor can digitally insert the picture of an exotic jungle or alien world. Fundamentally, the White cyc background gives movie makers a blank canvas with which to work their sorcery.

What the Vatican is to the Catholic religion is what Hollywood is to all picture makers, watchers, and geeks around the world. There are numerous film productions that wouldn’t be possible without white cyclorama studio Hollywood technology. Not only will this technology offer a means for a movie maker to create any background they need, it also saves cash as film makers will not need to travel to exotic locations as images can all be digitally made in a modifying room. It’s no surprise then a lot of expectant film makers are searching for the same kind of technology to shoot beginner films.

Fortunately for these amateur film makers, many studios allow the rental of white cyclorama studio Hollywood equipment. However , be ready to spend a huge amount if you are going to rent the gear. If you have the funds though, Hollywood has a variety of good quality cycs and a variety to select from ; they have a name and a name to protect and therefore the likelihood of finding low quality cycs is awfully low.

The first thing you must do is reduce your choices to a white cyclorama studio Hollywood that you think will provide benefits to you the most. Firstly, you should ensure that the cyc is suitably big if you require large spaces and huge shots in your motion picture. If you are doing photography then your white cyclorama studio Hollywood does not have to be that big since most photography shoots are done within a tiny or enclosed area. The white cyclorama studio Hollywood should also have high ceilings and should offer lighting kit for rental as well . A number of these studios might even give you post production services.

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Inside Amy Schumer – Calling the Cable Company

Inside Amy Schumer – Calling the Cable Company

Amy breaks down while trying to have her Internet connection fixed.

The Comedy Central app has full episodes of your favorite shows available now.



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Ought You Flock To The Trump Network?

Is there anybody who doesn’t know who Donald Trump is? You can watch The Apprentice on TV if you don’t. We want to know if his Trump Network can make us rich right?

It’s interesting that the great high flying business man would stake his reputation so firmly on a Network Marketing company, even to the point of naming if after himself! Mind you, he named most of his other very successful empires after his family name. Obviously he believes in Network Marketing and quite rightly so, more millionaires are created in this industry than any other.

I know there have been some pretty big claims made about The Trump Network but it does boil down to another one of the many health & pill companies out there. There is nothing wrong with them and people are still successful with them, but the market could be classed as saturated and they are ten to a penny these days.

Luckily there is a unique selling point for this company and that is their PrivaTest, what is it? Well it’s a special testing procedure unique to this company, essentially you will know how your body is using the vitamins and minerals you consume and also it will test for deficiencies. After its analyzed you will be presented with a vitamin & mineral programme that is specifically tailored to your body and lifestyle. I’d say that was very darn good! Sometimes it’s a bit of a hit and miss affair of determining exactly what our bodies need to perform at their optimum, so adding some science to it is very welcome in my eyes.

The trouble with a lot of these health & vitamin companies is that you can get the same (or better) pills or juice at the local health store for less money. The Trump Network offers more than most in that you can get a supply of supplements especially formulated for your body.

Probably the quickest route to success is to join The Fast Start Way and bring in five new distributors as fast as possible. From your investment you will also get your own self replicating ‘personalized’ website (personalised means, somewhere on it will be your name) plus a CD/DVD that you can give to people to ‘convince’ them to join up.

There will be countless hopefuls jumping on board hoping to rise to the top of the compensation plan and claim their fame & prosperity, only to be sorely disappointed when they still haven’t made any money after 3 months. Like it or not, most don’t succeed significantly in this business. Be cautious, there are some leaders in this industry who will indeed build massive downlines in what seems like a very short space of time, they will tell you that you can easily do the same. Remember though they’ve most likely got a list of like 10-20 thousand people already who they’ve built a solid relationship with, so naturally it’s easy for them to rake it in with any new opportunity they join.

It’s important to remember that this is a professional business we are in here, there is a lot to be made, IF you do it right.

If you’re going to get involved with The Trump Network just make sure you go in with the mindset that it will not be easy, there is competition and you have to put your back into it plus have the right education and tools at your disposal.

For those of you who definitely want to make it big with The Trump Network remember to pay a visit to my MLM training centre today and get educated with the most recently released top earner secrets to prosperity.

Is there anybody who doesn’t know who Donald Trump is? You can watch The Apprentice on TV if you don’t. We want to know if his Trump Network can make us rich right?

Lots of speculation has flown around as to why this guy would start an MLM company in his name and more importantly, why he would even be going into the Network Marketing industry at all! Mind you, he named most of his other very successful empires after his family name. There is no question that Donald gives the Network Marketing industry a big thumbs up, and when you consider the potential that the average person has to create residual wealth from home, it’s not suprising.

Although there has been massive hype about this opportunity over the last year or so, it’s basically just another health supplement mlm company. There is nothing wrong with them and people are still successful with them, but the market could be classed as saturated and they are ten to a penny these days.

One thing that differentiates The Trump Network from others is the PrivaTest, this is a revolutionary system that takes a snapshot of three important metabolic markers to determine the status of your nutritional health in these areas. After its analyzed you will be presented with a vitamin & mineral programme that is specifically tailored to your body and lifestyle. I’d say that was very darn good! I don’t know about you, but I have never know the precise mechanics of what my body needs to perform at its best, having some iron clad science behind it is very appealing to me.

A common issue with a lot of these companies is that their products are expensive and if were honest we can get the same thing or better in the health shop down the road for less money. However with The Trump Network there is the USP of bespoke nutrients which makes the whole thing a lot more attractive.

If you follow their recommendations then you should take advantage of their WCS (Wealth Creation System) by pay your 497 dollars and sign up on the fast start package, after you have brought in 5 people you will have made your money back. As is standard with Network Marketing companies you will get your welcome pack which will include a CD or DVD which you can use as business opportunity presentations to your prospects. Plus you will also have your own website and back office.

Of course this company has attracted hoards of people who are hoping this will be the ‘one’ company that takes them to the promised land. Naturally, most will remain at the bottom of the distributor ranks. It’s the way it works in this industry. Be cautious, there are some leaders in this industry who will indeed build massive downlines in what seems like a very short space of time, they will tell you that you can easily do the same. Remember though they’ve most likely got a list of like 10-20 thousand people already who they’ve built a solid relationship with, so naturally it’s easy for them to rake it in with any new opportunity they join.

Just jumping on a new deal won’t make you any richer than the last new deal you jumped on. It takes some SERIOUS dedication and work to make it in this industry.

If your in this game to win then make sure you have everything you need to succeed, you need tools and training, neglect those and you will fail, period.

If you happen to really serious about making a success of The Trump Network then pay a visit to my MLM training centre today and get educated with the most up-to-date top earner techniques to success.


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Movies Hollywood Was Forced To Change For China

Movies Hollywood Was Forced To Change For China

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When it comes to global box office, China is projected to overtake the United States as the biggest market in the world by 2020. Chinese law, however, only allows 34 Hollywood films to be released on the mainland each year, meaning there’s an intense competition to earn one of those coveted slots. And since Chinese censors are notoriously strict, outright banning movies they don’t like, Hollywood studios are more than happy to make changes to their films in order to get a piece of the action. Here’s a look at some movies Hollywood was forced to change for China’s sake…

Doctor Strange | 0:38
Skyfall | 1:34
Iron Man 3 | 2:39
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story | 3:55
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End | 5:30
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 | 6:39
Pixels | 7:52
Red Dawn | 8:49
World War Z | 10:01

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Entertainment Weekly, published by Time Inc., is your all-access pass to the most creative minds and brightest stars in Hollywood. The magazine covers all the latest updates from film, television, music, Broadway theatre, books and popular culture arenas.

In the latest issue, Entertainment Weekly crashes through the wall around Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for a look at an onscreen battle decades in the making. In this week’s cover story, the magazine explores what provokes hero to turn against hero, how this movie launches at least 10 more in the DC Comics universe, and what to expect from Wonder Woman’s first big-screen appearance in her 75-year history. Batman is angrier than ever. And Superman is starting to lose his mild manners, too. At the start of director Zack Snyder’s new film (out March 25), Metropolis is still rebuilding after the skyscraper-leveling brawl that ended 2013’s Man of Steel, and Batman has been at work as an underground vigilante in nearby Gotham for many years. Maybe too long. Get more details about this exciting film on Entertainment Weekly.

Chris Rock may have been Oscar night’s biggest winner. The comedian nimbly accomplished the impossible by keeping the nearly four-hour show from being anything but boring. “He was fantastic,” Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences president Cheryl Boone Isaacs told the magazine directly after the show. David Hill, who produced the telecast with Reginald Hudlin, agrees. “It’s probably one of the toughest hosting jobs in the world,” Hill says. “There are only a handful of people who can do it. Chris was not only funny, he was thoroughly enjoying himself.” So what’s Rock to do for a follow-up? The past couple of years have seen him act (Empire), direct (HBO’s Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo), and do both for 2014’s Top Five, the hit romantic comedy he also wrote . But his IMDb page lists zero projects in active development — a rarity for any A-lister — and the only word from his camp is that he’s still deciding what to do next. Whether he’ll try to top himself at next year’s Oscars is still up in the air, but one thing is certain: The president of the Academy has his back. Grab the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly to know what’s next for Chris Rock!

Also, check out the Power Rangers first look: Get a sneak peek at the new teenagers with attitude. The Saturday morning TV staple Power Rangers (née Mighty Morphin) is coming to theaters in 2017 with a big-screen revival that will introduce a new version of the classic line-up of five alien-blasting teens.

Entertainment Weekly magazine is available on leading newsstands like Magzter, Apple, Google, etc. Users can buy and read not only the current issue but also any of the archived issues digitally on their favorite devices across various platforms, anytime and anywhere. Users can either buy a single issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine’s digital edition or avail immense discount by taking an annual subscription of the same.

Entertainment Weekly magazine is your all-access pass to the most creative minds and brightest stars in Hollywood. Visit Entertainment Weekly subscription at, and subscribe and read Entertainment Weekly magazine on your Smart Devices and Web!


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ACN Representatives Break Event Attendance Record, Donate Over 75K to RMHC

Concord, NC (March 9, 2009) It was standing room only at ACN’s International Convention in San Diego, California, February 27 – March 1, 2009. Nearly 17,000 representatives came together from all over the world to receive training on ACN products, hear motivational messages, network with peers and celebrate another year of overwhelming success. The International Convention sold-out weeks before taking place and became the largest event in ACN’s 16 year history.

ACN Events are known to be full of energy and packed with enthusiastic celebrations of success and the San Diego Convention did not disappoint. In fact, the sheer number of promotions over the weekend lent credit to power of the ACN business model and compensation plan. Three promotions took place commemorating the rise to ACN’s most elite level, that of Senior Vice President. In addition, 12 promotions to Regional Vice President took place. Best-selling author and motivational speaker, John Maxwell spoke to the crowd on Sunday further fueling the momentum and inspiration representatives were feeling as they learned valuable strategies for finding success.

While it’s no secret that many individuals have bettered their lives by becoming ACN Representatives, what’s less known is the fact that at each event, these representatives, along with ACN, play a large role in bettering the community around them. Throughout the weekend a local charity collects donations from representatives and ACN matches that amount dollar for dollar. It’s a tradition many ACN veterans, like Regional Vice President and Circle of Champions members Debbie and Geoff Davis, take pride in.

“From the very start of ACN, in 1993, the ACN Co-Founders instilled the belief in us that that one of the greatest gifts we can give is to leave a place better off than when we arrived there. I’ve been to 66 events in the past 16 years and witnessed ACN raising tens of thousands of dollars for countless worthy causes. It’s always an honor to participate,” Debbie said.

“I had an 18-year automotive career and was involved with many charitable programs,” added Geoff. “I felt the ongoing generosity of the employees was great, but when I came to ACN and saw how committed the founders were to giving back to every city we visited with our national trainings, I was blown away – and many times to the point of tears.”

Effective last year, Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) became the Global Charity of ACN meaning each ACN Event will raise money for that area’s local chapter. RMHC was selected because it has chapters globally in 52 countries and benefits children. Representing RMHC of San Diego at ACN’s International Convention was President and CEO, Bill Lennartz. At the conclusion of the event Sunday afternoon, ACN presented Mr. Lennartz with a check in the amount of $ 76,500.29.

ACN President and Co-Founder Greg Provenzano commented on the company’s record-breaking attendance and large donation to RMHC in San Diego: “We’re a company that’s been very blessed. We’re fortunate to experience the success we have, especially given our current economy. It’s our responsibility to give something back and supporting local chapters of RMHC at each event is just one small way we can do that.”

ACN’s product line includes local and long distance calling, Internet and wireless services, satellite TV and home security. In addition, ACN offers the very latest in communications technology with its digital phone service and video phones. ACN’s video phone has even drawn the attention of Donald Trump who chose to feature it in an upcoming episode of his hit TV show The Celebrity Apprentice. And, as announced during the San Diego Convention, Mr. Trump will speak at the next ACN Event being held in Charlotte, North Carolina, June 26 – 28.

ACN was founded in 1993 by four entrepreneurs, Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Mike Cupisz and Tony Cupisz, ACN’s annual revenues have skyrocketed to over half a billion dollars, and today ACN reigns as the world’s largest direct selling telecommunications service provider and largest distributor of videophones. For more information

A number of events, analysts say, could quickly trip up the post-election surge in U.S. stocks.

“The market is wading through all the negatives of his campaign, and (economic growth) is what we are focused on,” she said. “But if history is any guide, the honeymoon always ends.”

Here are possible events that could give investors pause:

1. Disappointment in Trump

The first test will likely come in January, when Trump is inaugurated as president and investors look for the government to follow through on promised tax cuts, infrastructure spending and deregulation. Hopes for those policies have spurred both the large-cap and small-cap indexes to record highs in the last few weeks.

“On some level, investors are flying a little blind … We are in many cases speculating about the details,” said Ron Temple, co-head of multi asset and head of U.S. equity at Lazard Asset Management.

It’s “reasonable to expect a bit of a pause as people realize we do not know the details of the tax plan,” Temple said, adding that he is generally optimistic on the backdrop for stocks.

Republicans will have control of both chambers of Congress as Trump begins his presidency, raising hopes that his proposals will be enacted.

2. A loss of momentum

As stocks have unrelentingly pushed higher since the election, traders have pointed to support from positive momentum in one of the best months of the year for stocks. A concern would be if an event triggers a turnaround in sentiment, especially as confidence has climbed to multi-month highs.

“Confidence is very, very short lived … If something occurs in the next couple months, we could see confidence wane quickly,” said Lance Roberts, chief investment strategist at advisory firm Clarity Financial.

The University of Michigan’s consumer sentiment index leaped past expectations Friday to its highest since January 2015. Citi’s U.S. economic surprise index has also been on the rise since late October.

“I do believe President-elect Trump’s goal is to grow out the economy,” Temple said. “Unfortunately the approach of negotiating via Twitter is somewhat the opposite of that tactic … I do worry that governing by Twitter is problematic, a sub-optimal approach to governing and (inspiring) confidence.”

Since the election, Trump has used Twitter to attack companies such as Lockheed Martin and to take a tough line on U.S. relations with China.

3. A rising dollar

Following the election, the U.S. dollar index jumped to its highest in more than a decade, raising concerns for U.S. firms that sell products overseas.

Companies often blamed the strong greenback for poor earnings of the last few quarters. A stronger dollar also makes it more expensive for many emerging market countries to pay back dollar-denominated debt.

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