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ACN is an international telecommunications business which markets its goods and services through independent representatives, in other words,Multi level Marketing.
ACN is a corporation with a lot of momentum. It has a multi year endorsement from Billionaire Donald Trump and Just last season ACN’s video phone was featured by Trump on his Celebrity Apprentice program. I’d say that’s a decent bit of marketing power.

ACN is now the largest direct selling telecommunications company in the world.
Besides the Videophone, they also market cell phone services, local and long distance, internet, satellite TV, and ADT home security systems.

These products and services have some advantages over a lot of network marketing companies which sell consumables. The most obvious of which should be that the commissions are paid on contracts for these services which typically last 2 years or more. There is no need to keep checking back with customers to see if they want to re-order product. They are going to keep paying those bills every month and the representative is going to keep getting paid month after month.

Without going into a lot of detail, I will say that their payment plan that is certainly superior to most Mlm companies. Commissions are paid throughseven levels until one achieves the Regional Vice President level at which point one can earn income through every level. As it is with every Network Marketing company,a serious, life-changing imcome can really only be achieved by creating a huge sales organization or down line.

Well, what are the negatives about ACN? I would say that there are none that are not typical with any Network Marketing company. ACN certainly has its system that it wants its representatives to follow religiously. This system includes doing several “Private Business Receptions” (home demonstrations), being present at regular hotel meetings, going to weekly training sessions, attending quarterly national training events, purchasing sales literature on auto ship.

Their system does work. It can work for people who have the ability to stick with the program and not get discouraged and quit. This can be said for most Mlm companies. Unfortunately there is still a very large attrition rate even in ACN.

ACN likes to encourage its reps to use its system and its system is definitely “old school.”

I think you will find a couple of problems with this program:

1. A high frustration level is likely because of the slow pace at which you will probably be developing your business.

2. Their system will own your life. Some have suggested that ACN can be done a s part time business–I don’t think so! Either you have to put your whole life into this business or don’t plan on being successful. The number of meetings you are going to have to attend to make the business work is going to be more than full time. This is more than a little ironic since one of the big selling points of ACN and for that matter any mlm company, is that time and financial freedom are going to be yours if you join. Plan on working ALOT of hours until your organization gets to be substancial.

So what’s my real opinion of ACN? It really is a great company with a great compensation plan.

Do I think you should sign up? Well…actually I did (and I still am a rep). I just wouldn’t go with their system to build your business.

So what system would you use? Funny you should ask.

Use an online marketing system. You can leverage your time and effort and get your business in front of a lot more people than you can by doing home meetings. You also should use a concept called Attraction Marketing, in which you do things to make people contact you about your expertise in the business rather than tracking down prospects and trying to convince them that they should join your business.

There is an excelent resource online where you can learn more about how to apply Attraction Marketing to your ACN business
and you can also sign up to work with the master of Attraction Marketing Roger Priore.
There you will also learn how you can get a completely customizable and fully branded marketing system which teaches affiliate marketing combined with network marketing that will explode your ACN Business

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Elie Hirschfeld

President and CEO of Hirschfeld Properties since 1997, Elie Hirschfeld has dedicated his professional life to real estate development planning and implementation. Since joining the company in 1976, Mr. Hirschfeld’s projects have included the development of prominent New York City properties such as the Grand Sutton, the Hotel Pennsylvania, the Crowne Plaza Hotel, and Park Avenue Court.

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