Affluenza Fugitive’s Mom Likely To Get More Time Than Son


Ethan detained…


Despite multiple probation violations, premeditated flight from justice, provoking an international manhunt, oh, and killing four innocent people, affluenza fugitive Ethan Couch will face little if any time behind bars. Technically, he is behind bars right now at an undisclosed facility in Mexico City, Mexico fighting extradition, so I’m going to be happy with that because according to legal experts the max he can be incarcerated is 120 days.

As baffling and crazy as it seems Ethan, 18, is a juvenile in the eyes of Texas until he turns 19, on April 11. The move to change his status from juvenile to adult on January 19, will only get him a maximum of 120 days because the adult court is bound by the terms of the original probation, under the juvenile system. Also, moving his status from juvenile to adult wipes the slate clean as his violation happened as a juvenile. Even under the juvenile justice system, he would have to screw up twice in order to receive a multi-year sentence and this is his first offense. When Texas law enforcement finally have him home, he will most likely have to wear a tracking device, which he should’ve been doing anyway, until his parent’s lawyers can figure out how to buy his way out of consequences and repercussions. A second violation could get him up to 40-years.

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