Both Parents Should Join Affluenza Teen Ethan Couch In Prison


Ethan Couch during depositions.


If there was ever a story that left a bad taste in my mouth in regards to our justice system, it is the Ethan Couch situation. Couch, if the name escapes you, is the spoiled Texas teen who got away with serving NO jail time for killing four people and seriously injuring nine. Instead of jail, Couch got 10 years probation, extensive rehab, and time away from his parents, because he was too entitled to know right from wrong. Now, little Ethan is nowhere to be seen, neither is his mother and now the two are fugitives and have warrants out for their arrests. What caused the Couch family’s latest “fuck you” to the legal system? It seems that the video of him laughing at idiotic behavior during a beer pong game at a party was going to send him to jail for consuming alcohol, a violation of his probation, and his parents seem to be against their precious son paying for his mistakes. Now, perhaps Ethan will finally go to jail, I say finally because while it seems like breaking probation and not being available to probation officers is a sure fire road to the pokey, I thought driving a stolen truck into a group of people causing multiple murders while drunk would have put him behind bars but nope. Money rules everything around him.

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