Thanks Mom! – Emma Tapping Spends 2k on 300 Gifts Receives Backlash


Emma Tapping’s high jacked Instagram picture went viral after a jealous hater called her out for excessive shopping. Way to suck the fun out of Christmas Debbie Downer.

Some lucky kids in Isle of Man, England are going to have an amazing Christmas this year thanks to the massive amount of presents their mother Emma Tapping, piled all over their tree. The 27-year old mother of three posted the tree with literally a mountain of presents on Instagram and the crowd went wild, and not in a good way. A hater took her photo and posted it on Facebook with the caption, “Nearly time for all the materialistic parents to compete and broadcast how many presents their kids have on Facebook!! Just remember there’s some children who don’t get much!”

The stolen photo went viral with comments condemning the quantity of gifts surrounding her tree. People seemed to think that spoiling her own children on Christmas was somehow taunting less fortunate children and they took her to task with comments about the true meaning of Christmas, bragging and overkill. Christmas means different things for different people, and for some, it means nothing at all. She has children and if she wants them to have amazing Christmases, who has the right to come down on her for it? She shouldn’t be forced to celebrate Christmas the way others think she should, and she definitely shouldn’t have to consider other people’s children when planning her family’s Christmas? Isn’t that their parent’s job?

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