KOR Groups Christopher Nagy and David Lauer Launch HealthyMarkets.org to Bring Transparency and Trust Back to Financial Services

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 07, 2014

The contentious market structure debate continues to enthrall the financial services industry. Despite many differences of opinions, a broad cross-section of professionals agree that fundamental reforms for increasing transparency and reducing market volatility are critically needed. KOR Group LLCs Christopher Nagy and David Lauer have been at the center of this debate for years and have launched Healthy Markets to bring the public and key financial services firms together to agree on a core set of reforms and principles to effectively lobby for market changes that will benefit U.S. equity markets.

Healthy Markets is a coalition of like-minded financial services firms, backed by the publics support, that can agree on general guiding principles and specific remedies and challenge powerful, entrenched broker interests. Healthy Markets will accomplish this with a strong lobbying presence in Washington D.C. Led by Nagy and Lauer, both registered lobbyists who have testified before Congress numerous times on market structure, Healthy Markets is an independent resource for bringing change to the market today.

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Change is coming fast and furiously, said Nagy. The SEC will be examining market structure issues this year and running pilot projects to evaluate significant changes. It is critical that subject-matter experts, independent of any particular firm or market segment, lead the charge to guide the SEC to make effective changes. That is why we founded Healthy Markets.

Healthy Markets focus is on transparency and reducing conflicts of interest and market volatility, said Lauer. The world of computerized trading is here to stay, but we can do a much better job of putting rules in place to make it fair and trustworthy again.

Support Healthy Markets make real change by visiting http://www.healthymarkets.org.

About Healthy Markets

Healthy Markets is a coalition of like-minded financial services firms who are lobbying for a core set of market reforms based on the guiding principles of bringing back trust and transparency to the financial services industry. Founded by Christopher Nagy and David Lauer, industry experts who have testified before Congress many times on market structure, Healthy Markets is challenging the powerful, entrenched interests that have a heavy, influential presence in Washington D.C., to make change happen today. Support Healthy Markets by visiting http://www.healthymarkets.org.

About KOR Group LLC

KOR Group is an advocacy and consulting firm providing the financial services industry with insights and expertise to navigate market structure, understand evolving technology trends, track regulatory initiatives and lobby legislative policy. Founded by industry veterans, Christopher Nagy and David Lauer, KOR Groups mission is to bring increased transparency and efficiencies to the industry with its research, consulting, lobbying and educational services. KOR Group can be found online at http://www.kortrading.com.

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