English Woodlands Promoting Ornamental Cherries for Spring Interest

East Sussex (PRWEB UK) 30 April 2013

Spring is typically rife with opportunities and interest for gardeners, with numerous species offering colouring and aromas into the garden. English Woodlands are consistently engaged with customers hoping to find more direction to their planting goals, and maximise the seasons potential for interest.

Certain portions of the companys extensive catalogue become especially valuable during the spring and summer months, with English Woodlands currently looking to promote their collection of ornamental cherries. Featuring a variety of heights, spreads and shapes, there are plenty of attractive factors for consumers to weigh as they move into the showiest season of the year.

With an extensive selection of specimens available, English Woodlands will be expanding on the collection with blogs and information regarding the range of ornamental cherries on display. Customers can expect to read up on native varieties like Prunus avium, or the opportunities presented by early flowerers, for instance Prunus cerasifera Nigra, or Prunus Okame.

A representative from the company was available to discuss their current focus. Ornamental cherries are really one of our favourite groups to sell, theyre exactly what customers are looking for to liven things up during the spring, especially after a dull winter like the past one. We do often find the options on display can be a little overwhelming, though. Theres so much to choose between in terms of size and habit, interesting bark or autumn colour. I often find its best to first ask customers whether they prefer white or pink flowers, just to limit their choice!

With each a member of the wide-referencing Prunus genus, every ornamental cherry being sold by English Woodlands is naturally hardy, making them ideal choices for customers hoping not to invest widely in protection and maintenance. Most ornamental cherries will even cope well with most soil types, excluding waterlogged and sandy soils, though potential customers shouldnt hesitate to contact English Woodlands themselves for personal advice on the care and qualities of their plant.

English Woodlands are a seller of trees, plants and planting accessories, trading with private and professional gardeners who want to buy woodland plants across the country from their nursery in East-Sussex. As the UK advances into spring, theyre hoping guidance on their extensive range of ornamental cherries will be well-received by enthusiastic customers.

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