The University of Penny Stocks announces breaking news on QE3 and the Apple IPhone 5 lottery

(PRWEB) September 13, 2012

STOCKZILLA staff is busy gathering information concerning their new promotion regarding QE3 and Apple. STOCKZILLA is the leading the way in the penny stock industry as their groundbreaking newsletter offers members one of a kind opportunities.

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The Feds third round of quantitative easing is looming as investors speculate how Mr. Bernanke’s announcement will impact the markets. Analysts abroad are in agreement that QE3 will happen, but are more concerned with the message connected to it.

The Apple IPhone 5 is here, constructed solely of glass and aluminum, a larger screen and a sleek design, it has consumers in a frenzy. Stockzilla understands this and is working towards bringing this exciting opportunity to it’s members.

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