Asias Love of Everything West Could Mean Big Profits with this Commodity, According to Financial Site Penny Stock Detectives

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 16, 2012

In a recent Penny Stock Detectives article, editor Danny Esposito explores a fascinating (and profitable) development: the obsession the East has with mimicking what they perceive as the good life experienced here in the West. Esposito says that brand names originating here in the U.S. have been very successful in Asia, because they reflect the lifestyles of the people in the West. In this same vein, the East has been traditionally associated with tea instead of coffee, but coffee is perceived as the drink of the West, and so the East is once again attempting to mimic the West with this agricultural commodity. And this could lead to profits for smart investors.

While the global growth of coffee is expected to be just under two percent in most parts of the world this decade, Asialed by China and Indiaand Africas growth consumption of coffee is expected to be roughly four percent or double the world demand, says Esposito.

According to the editor, Starbucks is planning to expand from 500 stores to 1,500 stores in China in the next three years, which will make China the largest concentration of stores for Starbucks outside of the U.S. As reported in Penny Stock Detectives, Starbucks admits that it is facing competition from local companies in both China and India as they get on the coffee bandwagon.


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