Wall Street Fraud Watchdog Warns All Investors About the Quote En Quote 2012 US Economic Recovery & Suggests Silver is a Better Bet Than US Stocks

(PRWEB) February 09, 2012

On November 10th 2011, The Huff Post said in an article about the UR residential real estate markets, “As of June 30th, 2011 some 22.5 percent of all U.S. homes had a mortgage that was under water, according to CoreLogic. That’s 10.9 million properties. Another 2.4 million borrowers had less than 5 percent equity in their home, the firm said.” The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog says, “Since June of last year to today, we think the number of US homeowners upside down on their mortgages probably exceeds 25%.” But CNBC and NBC are telling us the economy is getting better? According to the International Business Times on January 7th 2012, “official figures released by the U.S. government, unemployment rates in the country are hovering around 8.6 percent. However, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) suggests that a better measure of the real jobless rate -the U-6 – stands at 15.6 percent.” The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog says, “Anyone buying into the notion the US economy is getting better, should take a look at the real fundamentals. We have no prospects of a US housing recovery on the horizon, the actual US unemployment rate is still north of 15%. We don’t think there will be such a thing as US consumer confidence, by September of 2012, because we do believe this US Presidential Election will be the ugliest ever, all combined with international atmospherics that make us cringe. We have already warned, and we will say it again, why buy a house today in the United States, when by election time it will probably be worth 10% less? We actually said that a month ago; tragically before Syria’s Assad started butchering his own citizens on a wholesale level, with the help of Russia, and before Iran started acting like they want a war with the West. We are even more pessimistic now, than we were a month ago.” http://WallStreetFraudWatchdog.Com.

The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog is concerned today’s Wall Street is not your grandpa’s Wall Street, when it comes to investing. They worry the current number on the Dow is not a good measure of the US economy, nor does it reflect issues that are facing the entire planet in the next three, or four months. As for Wall Street’s old saying, “We look six months out,” the group believes Wall Street looks out about 24 hours, at the most. At this moment the Dow is near 13,000? The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog says, “Might we suggest you go to cash, or buy silver. We do not see anyway this ends well for US, or global investors, so we are strongly suggesting you sit this one out, at least until after the US Presidential Election. On the topic of elections, or exercising your right to vote, we hope everyone ever thinking about investing with Russians, or in Russia remembers what country (Russia) vetoed a Security Counsel measure, along with the Chinese, that would have helped stop Syria’s Assad from butchering his own people, or what country (Russia) sold Iran the technology to build a nuclear plant, that is now the entire reason we could now have really big war in the Middle East.” http://WallStreetFraudWatchdog.


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